Mobile Security and EMM Solutions Provider

Paypal Strengthens Security & Privacy for a Global, Mobile Workforce with Appthority* Mobile Threat Protection (MTP)

*Appthority has since been acquired by Symantec as part of their Endpoint Protection Mobile software


Our Assignment: 

Provide Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for Over 10k of PayPal's Global Employees

As part of this global assignment, Mobile Guroo provided the following services: 

  • Android Enterprise (Android For Work) Deployment
  • Apple DEP deployment for Corp devices
  • Mobile Threat Defense POC
  • Configuration of Appthority, AirWatch/Appthority Integration
  • EMM Software POC (Airwatch)
  • Integration and Configuration of Airwatch/Workspace One
  • Incidence Management and Mitigation for Mobile Threats and OS Vulnerabilities
  • L1 (end user), L2 support (Admin) and VIP support

The Following Case Study Provides a Deep Dive into the Challenge, Solution and Results for Our Integration of Appthority* as the Mobile Threat Defense System.

*Appthority has since been acquired by Symantec as part of their Endpoint Protection Mobile software


Case Study


90% Enrollment in
Mobile Security Program



Protection for
10K Devices



Real-Time Analysis
of 100K+ Apps



Use Case

  • VMware Airwatch 9.0 &
    Appthority MTP 1.0 Integration
  • Global Rollout
  • Financial Services Industry

Mobile Use is Growing in Every Company and PayPal is No Exception.

A mobility program that includes the option to use their device of choice helps keep the company’s 18,000 global employees productive and happy. But as mobility increases, so do security risks to sensitive company data from the use of mobile devices.



  • Strengthen security for mobile device use globally
  • Improve security profile with enhanced threat visibility and response capability
  • Leverage existing VMware AirWatch EMM instance
  • Uphold cultural and legal standards for privacy worldwide


  • Appthority Mobile Threat Protection solution, integrated with VMware AirWatch
  • 90% user enrollment rate, with high participation of BYOD users
  • Flexibility for employees to securely use their choice of mobile device


  • Visibility into mobile risks for users and devices worldwide
  • Fast threat identification plus strong policy enforcement and remediation for improved protection
  • Balanced mobility and security helps employees
  • work productively anywhere
  • Platform for adapting to new privacy and security needs



  • Combine AirWatch security policies and remediation with real-time threat detection policies in Appthority MTP
  • Use the Appthority EMM Connector to automate compliance and remediation workflows within AirWatch
  • Extend investment in the AirWatch solution and associated infrastructure, operations, and governance work
  • Guide users in responding to threats with automated alerts via the on-device Appthority app


A Wake-Up Call for Stronger Mobile Security

When the Stagefright malware attack hit Android mobile devices in summer 2015, it was a wake-up call for many enterprises, including PayPal, to increase the security of their mobility programs. The company wants to maintain strong data security as part of its brand promise to deliver a leading platform for financial transactions. But it also wants PayPal employees to be able to work anywhere using their own devices (BYOD) or company-owned, personally enabled (COPE) devices.

We want to give our employees a secure environment for productive work and open collaboration no matter where they are,” says [name], [title]. “We also want a solution that enhances the security of Android devices, which are popular among our users.

PayPal had already taken the leadership step of adopting an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. To deepen its security posture, the company is adopting the Appthority Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) solution, which adds critical capabilities for detecting and mitigating mobile security threats as they arise.

PayPal is Implementing the Solution in Two Phases:

  • PHASE 1:  Baseline security with the goal of broad user participation. Evaluate security risk of mobile apps on employees’ mobile devices that are accessing corporate data and detect high risk apps that are malicious.
  • PHASE 2:  Advanced security across more threats and devices focused on proactive detection. Include AirWatch compliance actions to mitigate the risk. This phased implementation allows PayPal mobility and security teams to identify best practices for threat detection, security policies, and remediation actions before full rollout. It also allows time to educate employees about the enhanced security measures and encourage them to download the Appthority MTP app to their devices.

Extending the Reach of Secure Mobility Management

PayPal chose the Appthority MTP solution for its strong integration with the company’s existing VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) system. The PayPal team defined security and privacy policies and tailored remediation rules in AirWatch, which manages the enforcement actions while Appthority MTP provides IT and employees with threat intelligence.

Now, Appthority MTP detects app threats using the inventory of apps loaded on mobile devices that are registered to AirWatch. When a malicious app is detected by Appthority MTP, the integrated solution speeds remediation by activating an alert from AirWatch instructing the employee to remove the app. Per PayPal’s policy, if the app remains after 24 hours, the employee is notified that AirWatch will block corporate email and network access until that app is removed—a strong incentive for the employee to take the right action. 

PayPal Uses Appthority’s Industry Leading Automated App Analysis to Evaluate its Enterprise Apps in Two Ways:

  1. To vet its internally-developed apps, making sure they are free of malware and security vulnerabilities before releasing them to its corporate app store.
  2. To vet commonly used third-party apps that are distributed in the AirWatch app catalog.

Phase 1 of the new mobile security program has seen a 90% enrollment rate among PayPal employees globally within the first eight months. Most employees with a BYOD device chose to participate, registering their device in AirWatch and installing the Appthority mobile app from the AirWatch App Catalog. When security is fully rolled out, PayPal expects to support 10,000 registered mobile devices, evenly split between the BYOD and COPE programs.

Minimizing the Business Impact of Mobility Threats

With the integrated Appthority MTP and AirWatch solutions, PayPal gains several benefits for its business and its mobile employees.

Protection from mobile threats. The absence of a breach of consumer or merchant transaction data originating on a mobile device is a big win for PayPal, protecting the company brand and the trust of consumers and merchants for continued company success.

Appthority MTP continuously protects against active and potential threats such as user privacy risks, operating system updates, malware, and man-in-the-middle attacks. The ability to identify zero-day threats as they happen helps PayPal take fast action to mitigate their impact on employee productivity and business operations.

Unseen before implementing Appthority MTP, malicious apps from official iOS and Android app stores that can control the device, steal credentials, take screenshots, and make calls are now detected in real time. Apps that expose network communications to a man-in-the-middle attack are also detected and remediated along with suspicious mobile apps that connect to servers in countries where PayPal does not conduct business.

These actionable results demonstrate the proactive capabilities of Appthority MTP in evaluating suspicious activity before it becomes a zero-day threat. Moreover, the PayPal mobility team can remotely wipe corporate data and apps from devices if needed, which helps to maintain compliance with financial and privacy standards.

Visibility into internal and external security risks. By adding Appthority for mobile security, PayPal has much more granular visibility into mobile threats in its environment.

Appthority MTP gives us a clear view of threats and app status as well as the levels of compliance and risks in our mobility program, which is essential for our business” says [name]. “Plus, users see security risks on their devices through the Appthority app, which is a real eye-opener for them.

Balance of mobility and security. The flexibility in the integrated AirWatch and Appthority MTP solution allows PayPal to evaluate various policy settings for optimal protection without imposing cumbersome or unnecessary restrictions on employees.

Employees appreciate the risk guidance from Appthority which gives them the ability to access work and personal data on the same device without needing to give up the privacy of their personal information or to allow a wipe of the entire device if it becomes a security risk.

Our mobility protection is perceived by employees as a benefit - active but not intrusive,” says [name]. “And they are happy that we can now offer secure support for Android devices, which gives them more choices for mobility.

IT also appreciates that employees are able to remediate risks and enhance security without increasing the load on the security team.