Can you deploy MTD stand-alone?

MTD Can Be Deployed Without MDM/EMM

In situations where, for instance, due to European privacy, there is an obstacle to deploying MDM/EMM, then stand-alone MTD is a good option. MTD remediation includes user and/or admin notification within the end user’s MTD app, and/or potentially disabling WiFi on both iOS and Android. Note that selective wipe of corporate email, calendar, contacts and enterprise mobile apps from the mobile device will likely not be possible without an MDM/EMM solution in place. Stand-alone MTD is a good option if protecting data at rest on the device is not a requirement.

MTD offers better security when integrated with MDM/EMM than either solution can offer on its own. Mainly because IT Admins can leverage MDM/EMM to automate remediation, for example, by blocking access to the corporate network if the mobile device is vulnerable to attack or under attack.

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